Automatic Linear Tunnel type Bottle Washing Machine

Automatic washing machine
Automatic washing machine  bottle washing machine
Automatic Linear Tunnel type Bottle Washing Machine
The Automatic Linear Tunnel type

Bottle Washing Machine

Model BOTTLEWASH-240, is suitable for Round as well as Flat Shaped Glass, PET, Plastic Bottles sizes of appx. 30ml to 200ml pack size with maximum speed of 240 Bottles per minute for 60/100ml and 180 per minute above 100ml size. Machine construction in fully Stainless Steel finish including machine frame structure. All parts coming in contact with Washing Zone and Jets are made from SS 316 Materials. Machine with applications in Pharmaceuticals, Foods, Distilleries ad many more industries. Intermittent handling of containers ensures the maximum time for washing and also saves the Water through intermittent Washing system and machine spray water once the nozzle start entering the bottle neck. Machine also offers various customized options for washing sequence as per customers requirements. Washing process takes place with Five different Washing Zones each with 10 nozzles for optimum washing. Machine also equipped with external washing of Bottles.
  • 120 Jets for 6 washing zones
  • All contact parts made of SS316 material
  • Machine construction in SS304 material
  • Suitable for 30ml to 200ml Bottle Size*
  • Washing sequence can be made as per customers requirements.
  • Built-in 2 Pumps and 2 Tanks
  • Each washing zone with independent circuit to avoid contamination
  • Automatic Infeed and Exit of Bottles

Suitable for : 30ml to 200ml Bottles
Bottle Size : 32mm to 60mm Diameter and 38mm to 180mm Height*
Washing type : Linear Continues Motion with Stationery Drive
Air Consumption : 25 to 30 CFM
Water Consumption : 550 to 700 Litre per hour for each washing zone (depending on bottle size)
Washing Zone: Five zone can be set as per required sequence
Pumps and Water Tank : 2nos. Each 6000 Ltr. Per Hour capacity Centrifugal Pump and 50 Ltrs. Tank
Compressed Air : 30 CFM
Electrical : 415 VAC 3 Phase 50Hz and 220 VAC Single Phase Power Supply (50/60 Hz)
Power : 5.0 H.P.
Speed : Max. 240 Bottles per minute depending on Bottle Size
Conveyor Height : 815-940 mm
Overall Dimensions : 3250 mm (L) x 2450 mm (W) x 1675mm (H)

* Specification can be changed as per customers requirements
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